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We are a well established Law Firm in which attorneys at law and legal advisers cooperate [...] services in all areas of law which cover criminal, ... more


Profile of activity: ongoing services provided to corporations, [...] ations, company incorporation, company restructuring, acquisition, merger and division, representing ... more


Attorneys at law: Jan Kubiak Waldemar Juszczak Piotr Kotfis Marcin Kładny Rafał more


Legal advisers: Trainee legal advisers: more


Fees: Fees are fixed in the following way: [...] at rate fee for the entire proceedings in a given instance [...] ative authority - most often such way of fee ... more


Wydział Prawa i Administracji Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego (Faculty of [...] Administracji Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego (Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Szczecin) ... more


Kancelarie Adwokatów i Radców Prawnych Al. Niepodległości 17 [...] atów i Radców Prawnych Al. Niepodległości 17 70-412 Szczecin Phone more

8. Jan Kubiak

Jan Antoni Kubiak born in 1949 in Poznań [...] Poznań Education: 1972 master thesis at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Law Professional career: [...] ... more

9. Waldemar Juszczak

Waldemar Juszczak born in 1954 in Szczecin Education: [...] ation: 1973 - 1978 Faculty of Law and Administration, Adam [...] Poznań Professional career: since 1999 ... more

10. Piotr Kotfis

Piotr Kotfis born in 1977 in Szczecin Education: [...] ation: XII.2005 trainee barrister\'s final exam 2004 - 2005 3rd [...] the auspices of Jan Kubiak, attorney at ... more

11. Marcin Kładny

Marcin Kładny born in 1978 in Człuchów Education: [...] ation: XII.2005 trainee barrister\'s final exam 2004 - 2005 3rd [...] the auspices of Waldemar Juszczak, attorney ... more

12. Rafał Gawęcki

Rafał Gawęcki Contact: more

13. trainee barristers

Trainee barristers: more

14. trainee legal advisers

Trainee legal advisers: more

15. Dorota Juszczak

Dorota Juszczak born in 1980 in Szczecin Education: [...] ation: obecnie I rok aplikacji adwokackiej pod patronatem adwokata Waldemara [...] atów i ... more

16. Robert Balcerowicz

Robert Balcerowicz born in 1985 in Szczecin Education: [...] ation: IV.2014 egzamin kończący aplikację adwokacką 2010-2014 aplikacja adwokacka pod [...] atronatem ... more

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attorneys at law

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